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History Of Supreme Hoodie

Supreme was once a small New York skateboarding shop. It’s now a multi-billion-dollar streetwear brand with a loyal following and a strong presence in the fashion world. Celebrities wear the supreme hoodies and they are covered by everyone around the globe. There is a huge demand for these Supreme t-shirts and the pricing is also very similar. How did this happen?

Supreme Hoodie

James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994 at a small shop on Lafayette Street, New York. At that time, it was more of an area than a brand. Skate decks and basic apparel were sold in the shop. The shop was built with skaters in mind. Clothes were placed around the perimeter, leaving ample space for comfortable riding.

Supreme X Champion Hoodie Collaboration

The brand’s first collaboration with Champion, a 100-year-old company, took place in 2010. The duo created a dual-branded coaches jacket that was available in several colors. They have made many more drops since then. So supreme may have brought Champion from sportswear to big fashion with their Supreme collection.

The duo launched a dozen hoodie designs over the next few years. They all featured Supreme’s iconic logos, the perfect quality, and the iconic “C”. Supreme fans love the simple sportswear look.

Supreme Louis Vuitton Hoodie Collaboration

Supreme announced a partnership with Louis Vuitton in 2017 and it was a historic moment. Notably, Supreme used the LV monogram in 2000 to decorate its skateboard decks, T-shirts, and beanies, long before the official collaboration. Fashion house filed a legal action to get the collection withdrawn from circulation.

There were 23 items in the collection, including pajamas and denim outerwear, bags, cardholders, and gloves, as well as a Supreme hoodie, bags, card holders, gloves, and supreme Micro logo hoodie. However, there are pillows and blankets with the repeating LV monogram emblazoned in Supreme’s red box logo. The day after its release, everything was gone in a flash. It quickly went on sale in a hoodie that was almost 30 times more expensive.


Supreme is only available on their official website. The new Supreme logo hoodies are also available on Thursdays. It is important to make sure you check out quickly. You need to know exactly what you want, in what size.